March Book Releases | 2018

After becoming slightly (totally) overwhelmed by the amount of unread books on my shelf, a few months ago I put myself on a book buying ban and have somehow managed to stick to it. I promise you, no one is more surprised at this than me. So clearly the logical thing to do was to taunt myself with all the wonderful books coming out in March, by making a list of everything I want but can’t have. Yeah, I definitely didn’t think this through…Read More

What Should You Read Next Based On Your Disney Opinions?

Disney and Books. aka, two of the most magical things in the world. It’s because of my love for these two things, that it simply seems logical that one should have the power to choose how and what I consume of the other, right?…

I also may or may not (I totally do) absolutely love making these quizzes. Therefore, today we’re making some tough choices about Disney characters and in return, having the often excruciatingly tough decision of what to read next taken out of our hands (or, you know, simply getting an fabulous bookish recommendation…)Read More

BookTube Collab Sign Up!

If you’d like to be involved in a *hopefully* ongoing series, in which every month or so, I’ll be posting a collaborative video on my channel, check out the sign up form below!

I posted a video in this format in 2017 and loved doing it. (check it out here) Not only was it so much fun to get so many people together but I’m pretty sure my heart grew 10x larger each time someone told me they’d not only discovered new books to read but more importantly, new BookTubers to support! I’m hoping to make it into a series on my channel and would love as many people involved as possible, no matter the size their platform or how regularly they post. Any amount of bookish and BookTube love being shared is more than perfect!

Each video will be compiled together with short clips from BookTubers and Bloggers surrounding different topics with recommendations and discussions etc. Depending on how many people sign up, *lets hope someone does* I might not be able to put everyone is every video (my middle of nowhere internet and lil’ old laptop aren’t fans of huge files…) although I will try my best! You can commit to doing one or as many videos as you’d like. It’s up to you. This sign up is just for me to gage how many people would be interested and acts as a way of me knowing who to get in touch with!

Sign Up Here

December Reading Wrap Up ~ 2017

It’s official, the holiday season has well and truly caught up with me. It’s one of those things that somehow manages to catch me by surprise every single year, despite it happening every. single. year. I’m tired, unwell and already over 2018. (Look at me, the poster girl ‘new year, new me’ positivity…) With that being said, like many of us, I am happy to see the back of 2017 and welcome 2018 with open arms, as long as it pinky promises to do better. However, since I’m not feeling too great, I’ve not been able to film my usual monthly reading wrap up for December and since I read some wonderful books last month, I didn’t want to rob them of their time to shine. Instead, I thought I’d do a mini December wrap up here and hope that makes up for it.Read More