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IMG_8955When I was about 8 years old, I had this whole idea about creating a website dedicated to recommending books. I didn’t know anyone my age who loved reading as much as I did and the thought of being able to recommend, be recommended and talk about books was, in my opinion, revolutionary.  I was in love with the idea. I was so ridiculously excited about the prospect of my own bookish website. Only, there were a few problems. Firstly, I was an 8 year old who thought she knew everything about the world of computers simple because I knew what ‘WordArt’ was. Secondly, it was the early 2000’s. My idea got as far as my Dad asking for advice from a work colleague about creating my website. It turned out at that point in time websites were not only nearly impossible to create on your own but they cost A LOT. And that was the end of that. Since I was only 8, I didn’t mourn the loss of my ‘genius’ idea for too long and pretty soon I was dedicating my life to Pirates of the Caribbean, naturally..? The idea was mostly pretty much left to rest. Yes, every now and then I would feel a twinge of regret, wondering what could have been but then Captain Jack Sparrow would sacrifice himself to the Kraken and all would be forgotten.

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